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Matt Martindale's "Positioning Yourself in the Marketplace" Seminar

(As seen at the Mobile Beat Show - Chicago 2002 & Las Vegas 2003)

Get it ALL for only $80 (reg. $132.95)

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$20 (regular price) PDF format on CD
  1. A review of 4+1 P's of marketing
  2. A worksheet on positioning
  3. A review of the 3 ways to get to the top on a positioning ladder
  4. USP worksheets
  5. A review and worksheet of key perceptions that feed your position
  6. Samples of qualities, talents and values
  7. A benefits exercise
  8. Some more TRIO exercises
  9. Slogan notes, a worksheet and more examples
  10. Matt's 4 C's of positioning
  11. A review of the 7 common mistakes of marketing
  12. A review of the 10 tips for effective marketing

$20 (regular price)
Hear the powerful, riveting and thought provoking seminar that everyone is still talking about!!!

Learn key points to assessing, and then marketing your reputation upheld by proper positioning in the marketplace.

(Be sure to get the seminar notes too - there is a lot of additional material on the notes!)

$29.95 (regular retail cover price)
A book that teaches you...
  • how to calculate the value of your reputation
  • how to calculate the value of a lost customer
  • how to set up a system to stop wasting your marketing and advertising dollars
  • how to use this system to calculate your Effective Marketing Return (EMR) and your Effective Referral Return (ERR)
  • a lot of good tips on hiring, where to find new DJ staff, 11 must do guidelines before hiring, 13 red flags to watch out for when hiring and much, much more!

$42 (regular price) PDF format on CD
  • TEAM Building Games
  • Practical, fun ideas to implement year round
  • Event planning tips
  • Reviews on books, games, or other products
  • Training tips
  • Brainteasers of "Trivial Knowledge"
NEWSLETTER: Get the 4 page newsletter that creates, explains and then helps you lead custom created games for organizations you can use to COMPLIMENT your DJ business as a GameMaster! The beauty is, you can pick up these newsletters and have instant, easy and workable TEAM building games for your next corporate event that have an underlying value of communication, teamwork, unity, etc. organizations are paying BIG bucks for! It's a great "add on" for your next summer picnic or corporate event ... that's 18 months in a PDF format normally priced at $42 annually + $21 (six months) FREE for a total value of $63!

Matt Martindale's "Positioning Yourself in the Marketplace" Seminar

(As seen at the Mobile Beat Show - Chicago 2002 & Las Vegas 2003)

Get it ALL for only $80 (reg. $132.95)

Call (970) 215-2690 today!


"Professional DJs! Discover the Secrets to Making Your DJ Company Incomparable & Make More Money"

"Breakthrough in the professional DJ industry!"

Be more confident, look good, gain respect, influence people, and make more money! Quite frankly, I couldn't wait to write you and remind you about Roy Hanshcke, and his amazing Voice Personality 10 Minute Trainer Series you saw in Las Vegas at the Mobile Beat show and have read about in Mobile Beat. Yes! The very series that became a key secret to many DJ company's extraordinary success (including mine), and directly helped raise both professionalism and increase overall income! In fact, my DJs doubled and nearly tripled their gratuities alone within afew weeks, more referrals and extra hours...all because of proper voice personality!

"I just wanted to thank you again for giving your presentation to the CPDJA and the Mobile Beat attendees. Purchasing your tape set last year was one of the most beneficial, but humbling, training experiences I have used in the last 5 years. I had developed a pattern that I did not realize until after listen to the tapes. Not only has the tape set made me a better performer, but it has also helped me tremendously as a sales person. I more quickly recognize my trouble words and work to correct them. It is an eye opener when my friends and relatives notice so much of a difference that they comment on the change. My girlfriend is even using the exercises to better her speech."

-Darrin "Red" Walter (General Manager of Kolorado Karaoke & Mobile DJ, Inc.)

"When I began using your training tapes (Voice Personality Series), not only were they informative and eye-opening, but they also contained actual exercises that I can do every day while driving to my client meetings. I am now more aware than ever how important my speaking skills are in my performances, in my sales presentations and in generating more referrals."

- Peter Merry

:"The 10 Minute Trainer Series is a powerful tool carefully designed to enhance voice performance through proper articulation, intonation and inflection for anyone in entertainment ... It'll improve your performance and take you to the next level - guaranteed!"

-Matt Martindale

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