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Maybe Thomas Edison said it best…"everything comes to him who hustles while he waits."

"Wait" is defined as "to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens." Sounds sort of boring...  Think about it though, we wait while driving to and from work, wait for appointments, wait in the "waiting" room at the Doctor’s office, wait in a line, or wait at the airport.  We wait everywhere everyday for something or someone.  We cannot always control the circumstances of why we wait, but have full control of what we do during that time.

Last year alone, I personally read or listened to over 75 books during the time I waited.  Sounds basic, but I love to learn  -  so I’ve delved into history’s greatest leaders, inventors, managers, motivators, salesmen, marketers, performers, and so much more; including fun in the workplace.  Many of which have had a very significant impact the last several years to catapulting my previous company to one of Colorado’s top firms.  The knowledge possibilities are truly endless...

As a result, we have brought together the best books, audio books, and videos available on some of my favorite topics: leadership, management, motivation, inventing, creativity, sales, marketing, performance, biographies and of course, fun in the workplace.  ALL the books include a PERSONAL REVIEW AND RANKING.  I think you’ll find many of them simply fascinating and well worth reading (or listening to)!!!

    What do you do while you wait?
    …here a few practical steps you can do:

  1. Always have something with you to do.  (Business reading, laptop, audio book, etc)
  2. Always have a book to read with you.
  3. Always have an audio book in the car.
  4. Always bring contact telephone numbers with you, a cell phone and day timer - during any "waits" - you can schedule appointments, report delays, etc.
  5. Always bring something fun with you to do  -  yes, you can actually schedule "play time" while you wait.  (Crosswords, trivia, puzzles, etc)

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